Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DNA July 2010 Pics!!!

Thanks again to everyone who made it on the day:) Here are some pics.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DNA: The Next Set...

DNA July 2010 has been and gone. It was awesome to see so many people make the effort to come out and support all our wicked stallholders!!! Here's hoping all our stallholders had as good a time as we here at DI did!

A huge thank you to all those who helped to promote DNA! You're all wicked!

DNA – the Xmas Edition is currently in the making.

The plan, so far, is to book a venue for DNA around late November/early December but at a time so that it does not coincide with any other major events in the city.

So keep your eyes peeled for up-dates on this:)

Max and DI.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Applications have now been closed:(

Thanks to everyone who applied. Without you DNA would not exist!

If you have missed out on applications flick us an email at dmonic.intent@gmail.com and we'll keep you up-dated on future events:)

Sylph Glass

What started as a gasp of awe at the sparkle and glint of sunlight bouncing off a majestic leadlight window has evolved into a passion for all things glass.
That perfect piece of fused glass jewellery using dichroic glass and sterling silver, that piece of glass art which captures your imagination, the world being seen in a different light through suncatchers and stained glass leadlight windows or  that magical song of a windchime being played by the breeze. 
In 2009 I entered 5 pieces in the DeVetro art glass competition and gained 1st place in both the leadlight window and the Kiln worked glass categories,  second place in the fused glass jewellery category and attained a highly commended in the stained glass suncatcher and and lampshade categories.
As an artist, I have yet to find something that beats the feeling when I finally get to see a challenging design as a whole and complete creation. When I am able to lift the glass piece as a whole to see the colours true  with the light behind them, or behold the completed piece of contemporary jewellery after the final polish... when my breath catches in my throat because the piece is so much more than my minds eye could imagine.
That 'WOW! I can't believe I created that!' feeling is what I chase.
Welcome to Sylph Glass



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mexican Treasures

We would like to delight you with this inspiring selection of Mexican Treasures’ brought to you in 100% solid sterling silver (never silver plated).

Our collection offers you only the finest hand crafted jewels, with a wide variety of settings and styles to choose from.
Mexican Treasures’ works directly with the artists, thus, the pristine quality of our jewellery at affordable prices.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Check out one of our wicked stallholders – Lovems and be sure to snap up some of her fab knickers at DNA!!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Denim reborn

Iva creates her designs from recycled denim. Denim is a perfect media and is associated with cool, sexy, chic, romantic and eternal. Everyone has a favourite pair of jeans that are charged with the past - they may be worn out but still have a sentimental value. Iva can turn your old ‘blue treasure’ into jewellery and fashion accessories so you can continue to enjoy them for many more years to come.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Sans Pareil!!!

'We are two girls in the Auckland City region that are really into fashion design, crafts and art'. 

Aside from original goods the girls also have an eclectic collection of vintage clothes they have up-cycled to create original pieces fitting their style.

'Basically we have accumulated vintage clothing, cleaned them up and added/altered anything we think will make it cute. Our style is girlie (think ballerina) meets a bit grunge'.

You can also read more about the girls at Sans Pareil at:


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fat Art!!!

Kiwi influenced ceramic tiles that are ready to hang to liven up any wall space.  Photo blocks and personalised portratiles also available, transforming a photo into an art piece.

Online gallery can be viewed at www.fattronics.co.nz/art.html  

Pretty Appliques!!!

'My name is Lola and I live in Auckland. I am not a full time artist but I like to spend my leisure time trying all kinds of arts and craft. I do decoupage, painting on rocks and furniture, paint murals and decorate different items. And then of course, make my Pretty Appliques'.

Monday, May 24, 2010


KIDSKIN New Zealand Merinos is the creation of Mandy Villars, former fashion designer for Keith Matheson.
With the arrival of her own family, Mandy switched her focus to design a simple, yet stylish and affordable collection of merino clothing for preschoolers.
Focussing on lightweight, extra-fine merino, KIDSKIN designs are beautifully made, stylish and excellent value.
Working out of an inspiring shared studio space with fellow designers and artists in Birkenhead Point, Mandy is currently developing some new styles which will be launched at DNA, including some newborn-baby sets; new samples and possibly something new for grown-ups !

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hairy Hands!!!

'I like to make arty craft that is a little bit beautiful, a little bit ugly, a little bit funny, a little bit weird. 

Things like toys you can bash the stuffing out of when stressed and themed plastic jewellery. 

Come see my stall! Buy my wares!'


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art-Brooches by Claire Fairweather!!!

Since emigrating from the UK to New Zealand in March 2009, Claire has been using various media to create unique contemporary brooches. The 'Art-Brooch' is a new concept in jewellery - a 'one-off' small piece of art, which when not being worn, fits into a frame to hang on the wall. 

'I like to come up with original ideas and feel my Art-Brooch designs give a modern twist to what is sometimes considered an old-fashioned type of jewellery' 

At the market, Claire will be selling a range of framed Art-Brooches, along with some ‘bargain’ end of line/trial brooches.